2018 Annual Report

As usual the Center for International Cooperation (CIC) achieved a very high milestone in 2018 despite inadequate finance. With the growing academic collaboration and networking the Center is in the driving seat of the university in recruiting international students, providing opportunities for exchange programmes and revenue generation through its programmes like Appropriate Technology and Entrepreneurship-Base Training (ATET) Programme.

The international students have shown prove their excellence within and outside the university which have contributed to the University attractiveness and competitiveness. Given existing financial crisis at the university, the Center focused mainly in objective one of providing exchange programmes and cooperative projects with academic institutions, government and international organizations. This second report edition therefore contains the Center strategic objectives, highlight of services offered, the year achievements, challenges, workable recommendations and future plans.

Exchange progrmmes was conducted between the University and Pasific Asia Society (PAS) Volunteers, national and international cooperations was established with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Loving Concern International (LCI), Dawon Electronics Co., Ltd and the Government of Uganda in the implementation of a two year solar project. It is against that background the Center organized a joint public lecture on Solar Energy with the University partners and ATET programme in conjunction with Handong Global University (HGU).

Inadequate finance, staffing gaps, limited information and work and study scholarships terms/conditions remain the Center major challenges. The report concludes that the innovative management with forward thinking leadership is key to CIC year achievements and programmes sustainability. For CIC do contribute more for the University development, the following needs quick attention; filling of the vacant post(s) with Korean touch at the Center, increase scholarships supports, recruit of more international students, adopting a purpose driven fundraising and having a cultural shift and perspective change.

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