2017 Annual Report

The Center for International Cooperation (CIC) is required to write annual report on the implementations of its mandate and make recommendations necessary for the efficient and effective performance of the center to top management. This first edition of report provides internal and external stakeholders with the summary of the center performance in its delivery of developmental programmes to Kumi University and community. Key in the report are the Center objectives and main activities. The report showed that CIC implemented a number of activities and achieved the following; coordinated international conference and workshop, recruited of international students, conducted student’s mentorship and exchange programmes. The main constraints for activities implementation was inadequate budget, records (documentations) and computer accessories.

The CIC also conducted a survey among 41 international students on their likes and dislikes of the university. The findings show that; studies (academic programs), CIC Management / Leadership and prayers were the most liked things while inadequate water, delay in release of meals funds and sanitation and waste management being the most disliked things by international students at the university.

Finally, despite the limited operational budget, CIC have contributed significantly to both the university. The Center recommends management to define International Students’ Scholarship, increase the resource base by adopting to purpose driven fundraising, need for top management support, promoting transparency in the system, cultural shift and perspective change, and having monitoring and evaluation system. The future prospects were also highlighted in the report.

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