Speech by Director CIC

The Guest of Honour, Dr. Capt. George Mike Mukula (Hon) Chancellor, Chairman and Members of the University Council (CU) Chairman and Members of the Board of Trusties (BOT), Vice Chancellor and DVCs, Staff and Students of Kumi University, Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a pleasure for us to be here as a single family for a single purpose to witness the launching of Center for International Cooperation (CIC) this 27th day of November, 2015 in our University. CIC is an important function that supports the service delivery of Kumi University. The CIC Mission is to develop the University level of research, create sustainable mechanisms of resource mobilizations in form of financial resources, innovation and technology development, physical resources and infrastructures for high level performance; partnership with developing countries and other stakeholders in providing quality education, reduce poverty and improve the quality of life Africa. The objectives of Kumi University Center for International Cooperation shall be as follows:

  • To carry out exchange programs and cooperative projects in collaborations with academic institutions and scholars abroad in order to enhance international notion and understanding of Korean history and culture.
  • To keep its members abreast of the latest news and developments in the center through a variety of high-quality programmes and activities, including hosting international seminars, a robust book publishing program, and various e-publications.
  • To champion creativity and innovation to expand the frontiers of knowledge as driver of superior academics and high impact service to society.
  • To promote Mentoring Programme by brings together members with expertise in subjects and members who want to build their knowledge within those subject areas.
  • The Center will strengthen graduate education by training lecturers and researchers as change agents and facilitators of learning for both human capacity development needs and innovation.
  • To earn the trust and respect of its domestic and international partners by working faithfully based on their humanitarian values
  • Respect and help its employees to develop their abilities and potentials, thereby creating a future-oriented organizational culture that appreciates passion and creativity
  • To contribute to the economic and social development of the nation by promoting sustainable technology
  • To carry out such other activities that may be conducive to the objectives here in above, connected here with or incidental there to, in the enhancement of the members career development.

The Center for International Cooperation offers the following services to in the University:

  1. Exchange Programmes
  2. Digitalize Center
  3. Research Forum Collaborations
  4. Recruitment of Voluntary Lecturers
  5. Mentoring Programme
  6. Support Staff Development
  7. Promote the Teaching of English Language ad Bible Study to Supportive Staff

With that brief background would also like to acknowledge the role played by the staff and students in supporting CIC. Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to invite the Vice Chancellor to give his remarks and usher  Guest of Honour to officially open Center for International Cooperation.


I thank you and God Bless you.

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